pediatric sleep coach Sanya Cypert

Pediatric Sleep Coach Sanya Cypert

My other role in life has been RN.  I’ve been a Registered Nurse in California since 1999. I  have worked in Neonatal Intensive Care for my entire career.  I have cared for thousands of babies; premature, late pre-term, drug-exposed (prescribed and unprescribed), term, jaundice, special needs, cardiac, twins and multiples, infants of Diabetic Mamas (gestational with or without insulin, types I and II), home births, adoptions, fostering and many more.  I have attended thousands of deliveries and LOVE to hear birth stories from whomever would like to share with me.  I have helped Mamas breastfeed and pump and figure out supply issues.  I am also supportive of Mamas who want to or need to formula feed their babies.  Because of all of this experience over all of my years in my field,  I feel like I can lend a supportive and non-judgmental ear to your personal needs and desires.

I want to help you, your baby and your whole family sleep again.  Every family is unique and I will help build a unique sleep plan that is built around your family’s needs.  All of my plans follow the Sleep Lady’s Gentle Sleep Coaching Program.  I became a Gentle Sleep Coach because I want to keep working with babies and children as I phase out my job as a NICU RN and move into early retirement with a job I love that can travel with me.  My consultations are virtual or over the phone.

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